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Feature request: attach namespace to an xml document #28

jennybc opened this Issue Apr 29, 2015 · 4 comments


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jennybc commented Apr 29, 2015

This is something you mentioned yourself here:

#24 (comment)

From where I sit, this would be a very handy thing.

Related question: could the result of xml_ns() be attached to a new xml document by default? Or just available by default? Or could that behaviour be requestable?

Consider this example from here:

x <- read_xml('
<catalog xmlns="">
    <artist>Sufjan Stevens</artist>
    <title>Future come and get me</title>
    <artist>The White Stripes</artist>
    <title>Get behind me satan</title>

Due to the use of a default namespace, this does not work:

> xml_find_all(x, "//cd")
{xml_nodeset (0)}

So I inspect the namespace.

> xml_ns(x)
d1 <->

OK now I have hope I can use the d1 prefix to specify default namespace. I'm usually happy to accept a default prefix like this.

> xml_find_all(x, "//d1:cd")
xmlXPathEval: evaluation failed
{xml_nodeset (0)}
Warning message:
In node_find_all(x$node, x$doc, xpath = xpath, nsMap = ns) :
  Undefined namespace prefix [1219]

Sad. But this does work:

> xml_find_all(x, "//d1:cd", xml_ns(x))
{xml_nodeset (3)}
[1] <cd>\n              <artist>Sufjan Stevens</artist>\n              <title>Illi ...
[2] <cd>\n              <artist>Stoat</artist>\n              <title>Future come a ...
[3] <cd>\n              <artist>The White Stripes</artist>\n              <title>G …

Could any of that be made easier?


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hadley commented Apr 29, 2015

I think I could add xml_ns<-, and then do an auto assign on document load.


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jennybc commented May 18, 2016

If I can put in a good word for this issue while you guys are working on xml2 ... I would cry actual tears of joy if this namespace thing happened 🙏.


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hadley commented May 18, 2016

Don't worry, it'll happen 😄


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jimhester commented May 18, 2016

You can always just search for the node name directly if you don't want to specify the default namespace.

xml_find_all(x, "//*[name()='cd']")
#> {xml_nodeset (3)}
#> [1] <cd>\n    <artist>Sufjan Stevens</artist>\n    <title>Illinois</titl ...
#> [2] <cd>\n    <artist>Stoat</artist>\n    <title>Future come and get me< ...
#> [3] <cd>\n    <artist>The White Stripes</artist>\n    <title>Get behind  ...

But I just sent #89, which implements the attached namespace when the document is created.

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