Todo app with Create-React-App • React-Redux • Firebase • OAuth
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Todo app with Create React App, React Redux, and Firebase

A simple Todo app example with undelete capability — built with Create React App, React Redux, and Firebase.

Try the demo at

A version of this app built with redux-saga middleware is available here.


  • Create React App
  • React Redux
  • React Router
  • React Router Redux
  • Redux Thunk
  • Redux Devtools Extension for Chrome
  • Firebase SDK with OAuth authentication
  • Immutable
  • Reselect
  • SASS

Quick Start

$ git clone
$ cd todo-react-redux
$ npm install
$ npm start

Deploying to Firebase


Configure this app with your project-specific details:

// .firebaserc

  "projects": {
    "default": "your-project-id"
// src/firebase/config.js

export const firebaseConfig = {
  apiKey: 'your api key',
  authDomain: '',
  databaseURL: '',
  storageBucket: ''

Install firebase-tools:

$ npm install -g firebase-tools

Build and deploy the app:

$ npm run build
$ firebase login
$ firebase use default
$ firebase deploy

NPM Commands

Script Description
npm start Start webpack development server @ localhost:3000
npm run build Build the application to ./build directory
npm test Test the application; watch for changes and retest