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@jannes-m jannes-m released this Jan 19, 2017 · 767 commits to master since this release


  • build_cmds now retrieves the working directory on the command line from where the script has been called (temporary folder), and makes it the working directory at the end of the batch script. This ensures that can be found and executed (necessary since QGIS 2.18.2 since they somehow change the working directory in one of their .bat-files) (#26, @eivindhammers).
  • RQGIS now also does testing using the testthat-package (#20).
  • run_qgis stops if the user specifies one of the interactive QGIS Select-by operations.
  • run_qgis now stops if the output shapefile created by QGIS is empty.
  • run_qgis-message: Use qgis:creategrid instead of qgis:vectorgrid.
  • Fine-tuning of the documentation files
  • Deleting redundancies in functions build_cmds, check_apps and execute_cmds
  • Removing empty string from find_algorithms output
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • vignette update (MacOSX and homebrew installation) (#14, @pat-s)

Bug fixes

  • bug fix: we replaced findstr in set_env by the more general %SystemRoot%\\System32\\findstr
  • bug fix: when constructing the cmd-command (in run_qgis), we need to avoid "double" shell quotes. This happened e.g., with grass7:r.viewshed. Additionally, we made sure that None, True and False are not shellquoted.
  • bug fix: when determining the GRASS REGION PARAMETER in run_qgis. To extract the extent of a spatial object ogrInfo needs the layer name without the file extension. To do that we now use the file_path_sans_ext of the tools package instead of a simple gsub-command. Previously, we simply returned everything in front of a colon. This caused problems with filenames such as gis.osm_roads_free_1.shp.
  • bug fix: run_qgis function argument load_output now checks if the QGIS output was really created before trying to load it.
  • bug fix: There was a problem when using QGIS/Grass on a MacOS. Deleting one bash statement (paste0("export PATH='", qgis_env$root, "/Contents/MacOS/bin:$PATH'"))) solved the problem.
  • bug fix: qgis_session_info now also runs on MacOS (#34)
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