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Keep in touch with your friends, family, business associates, and anyone else in your iOS Contacts list with CatchUp. Set reminders for the contacts you choose, and get notified when it's time to CatchUp with them again.

Set these up as recurring reminders, like every week or month, or a custom day that you pick. Regardless of your choice, you can choose the time of day that you get the notification.

Step One: Add Contacts Step Two: Set your Notification Preference (how often you want to be reminded to catch up with that individual) Step Three: Build strong relationships!


  • Receive reminders to catch up with your iOS Contacts, even when not connected to the internet
  • Call, text, FaceTime, or email a contact just by tapping their phone number or email address
  • Custom times for any reminder choice
  • If you have a contact's birthday or anniversary set in your Contacts app before adding them to CatchUp, you will automatically receive a notification a day or two before their birthday/anniversary
  • Smart Invert dark mode support
  • 3D Touch support
  • No ads
  • Tip Jar

CatchUp is free and has no ads. I make no money from it by default. This is a passion project that honestly helps me, and I don't want to ruin it with advertising that I can't control. If you'd like to support development, you are welcome to leave a tip in the Tip Jar within the app. CatchUp was made with pure Swift and no third party libraries.

A note on privacy: I store NONE of your contacts or any of your personal information. The app requires permission to access your iOS Contacts only so that it can interact with your contacts list. The contacts you choose and the preferences you set for them are stored locally on your device, and are never sent anywhere else. Read my full privacy policy at