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Multiplayer Mazerunning game in WebGL
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Multiplayer Mazerunning game in WebGL.

##This game was built with following criteria in mind

  • realtime multiplayer capabilities
  • actual 3D objects in WebGL
  • dynamically fetched and rendered world
  • multiple AIs joining the players

##Screenshot screenshot


  • Client

    • game world rendered in vanilla WebGL (no libraries)
    • own spritesheet loader and animator
    • dynamically renders more parts of the world, depending on the line of sight of the player
    • connection to the server via WebSockets
  • Server

    • Node.js application, handling connections, position and individual player world objects
    • randomly generates a maze on match start using depth-first algorithm
  • AI

    • communicates to the server like a client
    • walks semi-randomly through the maze
    • is a bunny 🐇
    • may glow
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