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Feature: Inspect query string
Scenario: Inspect query string
Given I have created a new Rails 3 app "rails-3-app" with cucumber-rails support
And I successfully run `rails generate scaffold cuke name:string`
And I overwrite "app/controllers/cukes_controller.rb" with:
class CukesController < ApplicationController
def index
redirect_to cuke_path(10, {:name => 'cucumber', :what => 'vegetable'})
def show
render :text => "Cuke #{params[:id]}"
And I write to "features/tests.feature" with:
Feature: Tests
Scenario: Tests
When I go to the cukes page
Then I should have the following query string:
| name | cucumber |
| what | vegetable |
And I should see "Cuke 10"
And I run `bundle exec rake db:migrate`
And I run `bundle exec rake cucumber`
Then it should pass with:
1 scenario (1 passed)
3 steps (3 passed)
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