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<p>Questions? <a href= "mailto:">Contact Dan</a></p>
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- <h3><li><a href="bio.doc">Bio</a></li></h3>
+ <h3>Downtown Crossing Bio</h3>
+ <p>Born in the fires of the Sounds of Concord Chorus, Downtown Crossing is a youthful quartet dedicated to bringing fun and energy to barbershop music.</p>
+ <p>Tenor, Seth Orenstein: Seth was first introduced to barbershop music at ten years old by his barbershopping grandfather. It wasn’t long before Seth was listening to groups like ‘The Boston Common’ and ‘Bluegrass Student Union.’ Although his introduction to the genre happened early, it wasn’t until eleven years later that he finally decided to get involved in the music he had been listening to for so long. In 2010 Seth paid a visit to the ‘Sounds of Concord’ barbershop chorus. After ringing just one tag he realized what he had been missing. Since then he has become a front-row member of the chorus, member of the music team, and tenor of ‘Downtown Crossing’. He has acquired five man-of-note pins, two of which were his brother and father.</p>
+ <p>Lead, Joey Constantine: Leading this new young quartet is Joey Constantine, who has quickly become immersed in the barbershop scene. Coming off the baritone part in the 2010 Northeastern District Championship quartet 'SnapShot!,' Joey has decided to kick it up to a higher voice part with his three talented colleagues. Before becoming a Barbershop Harmony Society member, his musical experience included musical theater and All-Eastern honors as a vocalist in high school. Joey is a Westfield State University alumnus and currently works in Boston as an accounting clerk.</p>
+ <p>Baritone, Dan Costello: Dan has been singing barbershop for 14 years thanks to his Grandfather John, who introduced him to this awesome hobby. Dan currently Directs the ‘Sounds of Concord’ barbershop chorus, 2010 Northeastern District 2nd Place Medalists and 2011 Patriot Division Chorus Champions. He formally sang baritone with the 2010 Northeastern District 3rd Place quartet, ‘Average Joes.’ Believe it or not, barbershop is not Dan’s day job, though he wishes it were! Dan works for Clean Harbors Environmental Services at their corporate office in Norwell.</p>
+ <p>Bass, Ben Orenstein: Ben Orenstein can be found Assistant Directing the ‘Sounds of Concord’ barbershop chorus, singing bass in ‘Downtown Crossing,’ and occasionally even in tune. He is the oldest, tallest, and hairiest member of the quartet. When not singing roots and fifths, Ben works as a software engineer, minutes from Downtown Crossing's namesake.</p>
<h3><li><a href="dtx_formal.jpg">High-res photo (looking serious)</a></li></h3>
<h3><li><a href ="dtx_silly.jpg">High-res photo (looking silly)</a></li></h3>

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