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== 0.4.2
New protocols supported: http, git+ssh, git+ssh://git@
Added missing 'json' gem dependency.
== 0.4.1
Updated Commands:
* gh home - no longer appends /tree/master to the end of the URL
* gh create-from-local - fixed quoting bug to prevented project creation
== 0.4.0
Releasing to GemCutter!
Maintenance taken over by Dr Nic Williams.
Post issues/bugs to
New Commands:
* gh issues web [user] - opens the Issues page
* no longer using old /network/members API call (which is 500ing at the moment)
== 0.3.10
* gh clone --search query -- now includes project descriptions
* bugfix
* added highline dependency
== 0.3.9
* gh clone --search query -- to search for a repo and then clone it
* fixed all the specs and started covering some commands that did not already have specs
== 0.3.X
* Some stuff done by some people
== 0.1.4
* Added usage notes to commands. [topfunky]
* Added config option to set github.user and github.repo. [topfunky]
* Uses current user to automatically use SSH when cloning own projects.
== 0.1.3
* Original version