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@@ -1,22 +1,25 @@
RailsBerry 2012 talk -- Expert-level Vim
solicit questions
experience-level survey
quick tips for beginners
don't be scared
use vimtutor
what holds intermediate vimmers back?
they're not actively trying to improve
pay more attention!
frequently-repeated commands are high-value
- be anal!
+ be obnoxiously intolerant of extra typing
C-s instead of :w
<Leader>w instead of C-w w
bind a ton of leaders
also watch for occasional operations that are particularly slow
record a macro for turning var into a let
record a macro for extracting a method (we're gonna do this later)
+ accept your typos and bind them
always be learning
understand accretion - have a cheat sheet
their vimrcs suck
@@ -24,17 +27,28 @@ what holds intermediate vimmers back?
I don't like janus
your vimrc should be growing roughly linearly with your skill
mike burns' vimrc
- rebind your typos
+ they don't rtfm
+ editing effectively is great
+ they use the arrow keys
they never learned key concepts
+ registers
+ yanking into a register
+ :registers
+ "0
+ macros
+ vimscript
-link to my vimrc
+contact/github info
record macro for var into let
practice macro for extract method (then do live)
+ text size huge
+ friendly resolution
+ invert colors
+ check registers for contraband
+ make sure command-t works
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