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Morpheus - automated ettercap TCP/IP Hijacking tool

morpheus v2.2-BETA

Version release: v2.2 - STABLE
Author: pedro ubuntu  [ r00t-3xp10it ]
Codename: oneiroi phobetor (The mithologic dream greek god)
Distros Supported: Linux Ubuntu, Kali, Debian, BackBox, Parrot OS
Suspicious-Shell-Activity© (SSA) RedTeam develop @2018


The author does not hold any responsibility for the bad use of this tool,
remember that attacking targets without prior consent it's illegal and punished by law.

Framework description

Morpheus it's a Man-In-The-Middle (mitm) suite that allows users to manipulate
tcp/udp data using ettercap, urlsnarf, msgsnarf and tcpkill as backend applications.
but this tool main objective its not to provide an easy way to exploit/sniff targets,
but ratter a call of attemption to tcp/udp manipulations technics (etter filters)

Morpheus ships with some pre-configurated filters but it will allow users to improve them
when launch the attack (morpheus scripting console). In the end of the attack morpheus will
revert the filter back to is default stage, this will allow users to improve filters at
running time without the fear of messing with filter command syntax and spoil the filter.
"Perfect for scripting fans to safely test new concepts"...

HINT: morpheus allow you to improve filters in 2 diferent ways
1º - Edit filter before runing morpheus and the 'changes' will be permanent
2º - Edit filter using 'morpheus scripting console' and the changes are active only once

What can we acomplish by using filters?

morpheus comes with a collection of filters writen be me to acomplish various tasks:
replacing images in webpages, replace text in webpages, inject payloads in webpages,
denial-of-service attacks (drop,kill packets from source), redirect browser traffic
to another domain and gives you the ability to build compile your filter from scratch
and run it through morpheus framework (option W).

"filters can be extended using browser languages like: javascript,css,flash,etc"...

In this example we are using " HTML tag" to inject an rediretion url into target request morpheus v1.6-Alpha In this example we are using 'CSS3' to trigger webpage 180º rotation morpheus v1.6-Alpha

Framework limitations

1º - morpheus will fail if target system its protected againt arp poison atacks
2º - target system sometimes needs to clear the net cache for arp poison to be effective
3º - many attacks described in morpheus may be dropped by the target HSTS detection sys.

4º - morpheus needs ettercap to be executed with higth privileges (uid 0 | gid 0).
correct ettercap configuration display (running as Admin without ssl disectors active) morpheus v1.6-Alpha

By default morpheus (at startup) will replace the original etter.conf/etter.dns files
provided by ettercap. On exit morpheus will revert those files to is original state..


required: ettercap, nmap, zenity, apache2
sub-dependencies: driftnet, dsniff (urlsnarf,tcpkill,msgsnarf), sslstrip-0.9, dns2proxy


ettercap (alor&naga) | nmap (fyodor) | apache2 (Rob McCool) | dsniff (Dug Song)
filters: irongeek (replace img) | seannicholls (rotate 180º) | TheBlaCkCoDeR09 (ToR-Browser-0day)


  1º - git clone
  2º - cd morpheus
  3º - chmod -R +x *.sh
  4º - chmod -R +x *.py
  5º - nano settings
  6º - sudo ./

Nmap scans available [option S]

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

  Morpheus v2.2 allows is users to scan with nmap sending one fake User_Agent [ IPhone ]
  Activate this special funtion in [ settings ] file under morpheus main folder.
  HINT: This setting its only available in morpheus [ scan LAN for live hosts ]

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

  HINT: we can edit morpheus http.lua lib and input other user_agent,before run the tool.
  HINT: My http.lua lib modified also allows diferent user_agent inputs at run-time like:
  nmap -sV --script-args http.useragent="Apache-HttpClient/4.0.3 (java 1.5)" Target-Ip

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

Detecting DHCP requests to access local lan [option 17]

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

Detecting-blocking crypto currency connections [option 18]

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

Redirect all devices in LAN to google prank [option 19]

morpheus v2.2-Alpha morpheus v2.2-Alpha HINT: This module depends of .im domain not beeing redirected

firewall filter screenshots [option 1]

firewall [option 1] pre-configurated filter will capture credentials from the follow services:
http,ftp,ssh,telnet (facebook uses https/ssl :( ) report suspicious connections, report common
websocial browsing (facebook,twitter,youtube), report the existence of botnet connections like:
Mocbot IRC Bot, Darkcomet, redirect browser traffic and allow users to block connections (drop,kill) 
"Remmenber: morpheus gives is users the ability to 'add more rules' to filters befor execution"

[morpheus] host:   [ -> ]  port:23 telnet  ☆
           Source ip addr      flow    destination     rank good

[morpheus] host:   [ <- ]  port:23 telnet  ☠
           Destination ip      flow    source port     rank suspicious

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

morpheus v2.2-Alpha

Basically firewall filter will act like one offensive and defensive tool analyzing the tcp/udp data flow to report logins,suspicious traffic,brute-force,block target ip,etc.