Interactive viewer for the Brain Coactivation Map data
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Interactive viewer for the Brain Coactivation Map data.


  • Download the current release (cmap13) of the Brain Coactivation Map data from NITRC here.
  • Unzip the file, open the Preferences pane, and point the brain coactivation map path to the uncompressed directory.
  • You may have to configure your System Preferences to allow the execution of software downloaded without the Mac Store: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, and check "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere".
  • Click and drag to select the seed region. The corresponding coactivation volume will be displayed and on the right, the top 100 MeSH tags that most closely match the coactivation map.
  • Click on the tags to display in brainspell the articles corresponding to that tag.
  • The "Sync" checkbox is selected by default, unchecking it will allow you to navigate the rest ov the coactivation volume without changing the position of the seed.
  • A False Discovery Rate (FDR) threshold can be computed using the FDR text field.
  • A list of the peak coordinates for the current coactivation map can be saved by clicking on the "Save Peaks" button. was compiled for Mac OS X 10.9 using Xcode 5.

Alternatively, you can also query the Brain Coactivation Map data using our command tool cmtool.