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fastIce is a web framework writed in php and who use the very fast nosql database, redis

goal of fastIce is to be FAST and easy to use, code is small as possible, optimised at all the points and 100% non object,
second objective of fastIce is to let your coding style as this, there is NO contraint, you are free,
there is some nice tools included to help you write what you mean easilly and fast,

code is 100% code and design 100% design, fastIce will not bloat you with the other hand work !

fastIce include a simple and powerfull template engine, easy like hell, you only need to know the single keyword char,
there is NO specific langage who try to remake php like smarty does, you can write into html/php directly.
all is designed to separate really code and design, the graphist can never show a single php line !

like the page template engine, there is a simple powerfull data template engine,
it help you fill a design with data take from database, it take data, optionaly let you manage them with callback function,
and fill the small design made by your graphist

exemple the graphist made a design for one product, you launch a small and easy function, data of N product will be taked,
design will be filled N times and out data will be returned, ready to be echo, so, code and design are 100% separated too

(specific data design fill function are only from redis from now but there are generic and easy function too :)

page designs are skeleton based, page or page part can be cut in any subpart as you need, with a complete hyerarchical tree
part can be common to some pages like header, footer, or very specific at a page,
all page part can be saved into cache for very fast access, you can cache a complete page less a small part,
this small part will be the only thing always executed, you can really manage what is really dynamic !

each page get his proper cache, that mean all part including common one will be saved individually in cache,
so, a complete dynamic php code, who made a diferent output in each pages, like a menu, will be saved by page and if content must be fixed, never need to be reexecuted

fastIce include a powerfull and simple plugin system, fully integrated into the template engine, with a really simple call convention
on one hand graphist will call plugin directly from html with the same syntax as a page part, except that there is arg more,
on the other hand, the coder will call plugin directly in php or javascript
plugin can done ALL you need, from get and show meteo, to a draw a menu, or include in place editing of page part,
this is full php code with all the fastIce tools usable

fastIce let you write head, body, js, title, meta etc ... from anywhere, footer can write title or insert files in head ! these info will be cached too for a really easy to use and powerfull dev system

fastIce include a full support of langage, each page or page part can be for a specific language,
the engine include an internal rewrite method, let you set nice url without .htaccess or nginx rewrite work,
also, canonical meta of google is supported, and is automaticaly writed with path and langage, like the cache system

on a very lightweight server, it assume render a page in 1ms, and less than 2ms for a 20ko html data page

and all of this in only 400 php lines.

stay tuned ! it's only an alpha, and sorry for my bad english, i'm french ^^

r043v in 2k11!