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--- scribe --- an html inline editor --- eof edition ---

© 2012~2013 noferi mickaël (r043v/dph)  ...  noferov@gmail.com  ...  https://github.com/r043v/

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


simple demo can be find here http://r043v.github.com/jQuery.scribe/ :)


to use jquery.scribe plugin you need :

* latest jQuery
* wysihtml5 editor, https://github.com/xing/wysihtml5
	with external event patch, https://github.com/r043v/wysihtml5/commit/35134ef13805c5eb9952fec93e9a018fda1d52a8
	and copy style disabled, https://github.com/r043v/wysihtml5/commit/a869a7601edb8788617b3e2e6c272109e76338c8
* ace source code editor, http://ace.ajax.org/

optional :

* js-beautifier html part (beautify-html.js) from http://jsbeautifier.org/

put all dependancy in your head, add jquery.scribe.js and here we go


init scribe,

{	var scribe = $("div.toedit").scribe({wysihtml5:{stylesheets:["/js/editor.css"],parserRules:wysihtml5ParserRules}}).scribe;

scribe only wrap wysihtml5, so you need init him

take note that you need pass the same style from your page in wysihtml5 for get exact same display


save, the easy way

scribe let you save in some manner,

easyest way is to let him do the get or post request, on success, editor will be released and original node filled with data returned by server side script, if return nothing, editor data will be used



as this, save.php only receive "data" var in post or get, filled with editor html

hey you miss an identifier :/
you can set an argument more who will be a callback who must return a javascript object with all you need more to make your save
callback will receive an argument who refer to the original html node in edition, as a jquery object

{	return { md5:$this.data("md5") };

here we extract "data-md5" atribute from our source div and add his value to what will receive save.php

save, the second way

you can also set an unique argument to setSave, who will be a function

this function receive 3 args :

* html data
* original node element to edit, as a jquery object
* callback to save end

if your function return anything, callback will not be used, and data filled in original node will be your return !

{	var md5 = $this.data("md5"); // our custom editable zone identifier
	console.log(data); // here we save data into the console !
	return data + '<h1>save success on '+md5+"!</h1>"; // editable div will be filled with data and a success message

and if you need wait anything just use the callback

{	var md5 = $this.data("md5");
	{	callback(data);
	// or just $.post({data:data,md5:md5},"/save.php",callback);

here, original editable node will receive the return of your post request if your return is empty, data from editor will be inserted



* chrome not fix iframe content position at top when animate