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redis database dumper
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redis database dumper (rdd) - 0.3.2

© 2012 ~ 2017 noferi mickaël (r043v/dph) / /


© 2014 Steve Clement (@SteveClement) ... ...
© 2014 Stefan Meinecke
© 2015 Till Backhaus

This work is licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) licence.

Use this software at your own risk !

It does not replace your own rdb file saving, do not rely only on this software for precious data !


this tool can be used to dump a redis database, work on dump and put dump into redis

this tool not use .rdb file ! i made my own file format, .rdd

Know bugs

redis use a dedicated binary safe string library, rdd use classic one, so, use binary string for keys names could crash.

How to compile

you need hiredis library + gcc

debian based linux :

apt-get install libhiredis-dev build-essential

redhat based linux :

yum install hiredis-devel build-essential

to build:


to install:

make install

compiling on FreeBSD 10.0

portinstall hiredis
cc -std=c99 rdd.c -lhiredis -L/usr/local/lib -I/usr/local/include -o rdd


all arguments are optional

./rdd [inputs] -f [filters] -m [match filters] -mv [find_text replace_text] -o outputType -s [hostname] -d [database] -p [port] -a [password]

inputs can be redis keys command filter, or, .rdd files, all specifyd inputs will be merged filters can only be wilcards keys name filters : "cache" "user:???:", put any filter as you need match filters are wilcards too, it specify keys to keep, you can put multiple match filters

no inputs mean "*" redis keys command filter will be used, so, get all keys

-mv argument

it's for "move", keys rename

follow mv with pairs of replace text in keys name

-mv "my_prefix:" "my_new_prefix:"

you can done some replace at the same time

-mv "my_prefix:" "my_new_prefix:" ":user:old_name" ":user:new_name" ":user:" ":web_site_users:"

match and replace are not wildcard, but plain text

output argument

  • -o "file.rdd" save keys set into specifyd .rdd file
  • -o "insert" will write all keys into redis (and before insert delete them)
  • -o "delete" delete all keys from redis
  • -v will increase verbose mode, can be 0, 1 or 2
    • verbose level 1 print output set keys name
    • verbose level 2 print output set keys name and all keys data
    • no output (-o) specify will increase verbose
  • -s "" specify redis database ip or unix socket file
  • -p "6379" specify redis port, set it at 0 for unix socket
  • -a "password" specify redis auth password
  • -d "#database" specify database number to use

also, default type for no flag input are "input", can also be set with -i


will print all keys name


will print all keys where name match "user"

./rdd "*user*"

save all keys into "save.rdd"

./rdd -o "save.rdd"

will save all keys where name match "user" into "save.rdd" file

./rdd "*user*" -o "save.rdd"

get all "myprefix:*" redis keys, remove "cache" keys and save result as "mydump.rdd"

./rdd "myprefix:*" -f "*cache*" -o "mydump.rdd"

get all keys from "mydump.rdd" file, keep only keys name who match ":user:" and save result as "users.rdd"

./rdd "mydump.rdd" -m "*:user:*" -o "users.rdd"

merge "mydump.rdd" keys with redis keys who match "comment" and "article", remove all keys who match "cache", keep only keys match "myprefix*" and save the result as "mydump.rdd"

./rdd "mydump.rdd" "*comment*" "*article*" -f "*cache*" -m "myprefix*" -o "mydump.rdd"

Move some keys from one redis instance to another one

save all keys of your choice

./rdd "myprefix:*" -o "keys.rdd" -s "ip of redis instance 1" -p "port of redis instance 1"

delete all keys from source redis

./rdd "keys.rdd" -o delete -s "ip of redis instance 1" -p "port of redis instance 1"

filter keys from dump if need, here we delete "cache" temp keys

./rdd "keys.rdd" -f "*cache*" -o "keys.rdd"

now save dump into redis instance 2

./rdd "keys.rdd" -o insert -s "ip of redis instance 2" -p "port of redis instance 2"
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