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project.clj Leiningen Plugin

This is a simple plugn for interacting with directly from Leiningen.


Add lein-clojars as a Leiningen (1.x) plugin:

lein plugin install lein-clojars 0.8.0

Or for Leiningen 2 add it to ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-clojars "0.8.0"]]}}

Create a Clojars account and paste your SSH public key into your [profile] 1. If you don't have ssh-keygen available -- perhaps you're using Windows -- then you can use:

lein keygen

SSH keys will searched for in ~/.leiningen and ~/.ssh under the names id_rsa, id_dsa and identity.


To push your project to the Clojars repository, simply type:

lein push


Licensed under the EPL, same as Clojure and Leiningen. See COPYING.