library and CLI programm for homeeasy he853 433.92MHz USB RF remote control
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The he853-remote project provides a library and CLI programm for the homeeasy he853 433.92MHz USB RF remote control sender. The sender is used for toggling RF controlled power sockets.

The library was is extracted from roseasy which is a part of the ROS (Robot Operating System) project.

Another project that provides a C# Windows SDK for the dongle is the HE853 Control Project.


You can build the CLI programm by simply running


You have to be root to execute the program.


The command is either a 0 for OFF or anything > 0 for ON. To program the power socket you have to place the power socket into learning mode and send the ON command to it:

./he853 2001 1

After that you can use the deviceId 2001 for toggling the power socket.


  • libusb development headers (debian: libusb-1.0-0-dev)

Known Issues

  • doesn't compile on OSX