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A set of filters for the postfix mailserver written in ruby
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Postfix filters written in Ruby

A set of useful header/content processing filters for postfix written in ruby.

Filter integration in postfix header_checks

piped filter configuration in

filter_reply_to    unix  -       n       n       -       10      pipe
    flags=Rq user=filter null_sender=
    argv=/usr/local/share/postfix-filters/filter_reply_to.rb ${sender} ${recipient}

conditional filter execution in header_checks:

/^To: FILTER filter_reply_to:dummy

NOTE For the FILTER action valid destination is required, since the filter takes care of delivering the mail using sendmail, therefore it is set to a dummy value.

run postfix reload to reload the configuration

manual testing

cat testmail | ruby ./filter_reply_to.rb


  • The specs currently require ruby 1.9
  • sendmail must be in the PATH or fully qualified
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