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1 Theme Name: Unwakeable
2 Theme URI:
3 Description: <a href="">Unwakeable</a> is a theme based off <a href="">K2</a> and <a href="">Unsleepable</a>. Unwakeable has built-in support for numerous plugins. </p><p>Unwakeable is protected by the <a href="">GPL</a>.</small></p>
5a22628 @tlongren Updated version in README
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4 Version: 1.5.6
a1b10f8 @tlongren Update README
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5 Author: Tyler Longren
6 Author URI:
7 License: GPL
8c7732f @tlongren Fixed README
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8 License URI:
9 Tags: blue, white, fixed-width, flexible-width, one-column, two-columns, three-columns, theme-options, microformats, translation-ready, light, custom-menu, sticky-post, threaded-comments
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