.NET implementation of R2RML specification
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r2rml4net teamcity build status

Welcome to r2rml4net, a project which brings R2RML to the .NET world.


nuget install r2rml4net

Or clone this repository.


As of version 0.3 the r2rml4net library:

  • Is nearly fully compatible with the R2RML specifications,
  • Can load existing R2RML mapping graphs from any RDF serialization,
  • Can creating R2RML graphs programmatically using a fluent API,
  • Can generate R2RML graphs from relational databases (aka Direct Mapping),
  • Can convert data from relational databases to structured data,
  • Has been tested and supports Microsoft SQL Server.

Important stuff to be done

  • Support for other database managements systems
  • Enhance the fluent API to support modifying mapping (current is append-only)