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The app itself is a single-page Ember.js take on Rails CRUD scaffolding. It is one of several similar examples I'm creating
to try out Ember.js and different persistence strategies.
+## Installation
+Assuming Ruby 1.9.2+ with bundler gem installed:
+ $ bundle install
+ $ bundle exec rake db:migrate
+ $ rails s
## Notes
A custom adapter (`DS.restAdapter`) was written for communicating with a REST data source. This adapter is very alpha.
It does not include error handling, as it's unclear how this should be integrated into Ember Data adapters in general.
The contact listing is initially loaded from data embedded in the html to improve performance (see `app/views/contacts/index.html.erb`).
-This initial version is quite buggy. Please help improve it by filing issues and pull requests!
+Please help improve this example by filing issues and pull requests!
+## License
+Copyright 2011 Dan Gebhardt. MIT License (see LICENSE for details).

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