Python script that checks if logRhythm is installed and/or configured and if not installs and configures it. Currently supports RHEL 5/6 and Solaris
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logRhythm written by brady r3dact3d currently only supports RHEL 5/6 and Solaris contact brady to add support for other distros - will work for redbulls

This Script will do the following logic:

  1. Get OS version, hostname, ip address, architect and use the agent install pkg.
  2. If pkg is not installed it will install it and start it
  3. If syslog or rsyslog is not configured it will config it
  4. If scsm.ini is incomplete or missing it will fix it < best to double check correct ip is used if multiple interfaces data and mgmt
  5. Validate all is good and clean up after done.

Some reasons for not working even after this script... check route to Mediator sometimes port 443 is blocked. UHM...firewalls.

This will be missing the actual linux rpms and solaris tars, but listed below are what this script will support: rhel-scsm- rhel-scsm-
rhel-scsm- solaris9_10_11_scsm7.1.6.8004_sparc.tar

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change the name of the actual script or tar file, the cleanup module will BREAK! < I am not responsible if you delete something unintended if you don't use this script as written. ie -> see tarFile and workingDir variables below: def cleanup(): tarFile = '/tmp/logRhythm_g6.tar' workingDir = '/tmp/logRhythm_g6/' print '-----------------------------' print 'Attempting to remove evidence!' if os.path.exists(workingDir): files = os.listdir(workingDir) for scriptFile in files: path = workingDir + scriptFile os.unlink(path) os.rmdir(workingDir) os.unlink(tarFile) print 'PASS: All evidence removed!'

YOU WILL ALSO -> need to update your own mediator in a coupld spots... search for data variable and mediator variable.