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A compilation of links to datajournalism & OSINT tools, guides and resources I find useful to keep at hand.
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A compilation of links to datajournalism & OSINT tools, guides and resources I find useful to keep at hand. PRs welcomed!


  • 🌐 = online tool/service/resource
  • 💻 = software
  • 📖 = guide/tutorial
  • 📝 = list of tools/resources
  • 🐍 = Python module
  • 💲 = paid or paid-only tool/service



  • Public APIs 📝 - A categorized list of APIs.
  • Postman 💻 - API development environment offering useful tools for crafting and debugging API requests.
  • ProgrammableWeb 📝 - A good API directory.


Breached Data

  • Have I Been Pwned? 🌐 - Check if an email appears in a breach, set up alerts.
  • GhostProject 🌐 - Check if an email appears in a breach. Shows the first 3 characters of the password for free.
  • Dehashed 🌐💲 - Find cleartext & hashed password from data breaches (paid, $4/week, $11/mo).
  • h8mail 💻 - Find passwords through different breach and reconnaissance services. Can also search the BreachedCompilation torrent.
  • Breach Data Search Engines Comparison 📝 (IntelTechniques)


  • OCCRP Data 🌐 - Fantastic search tool & resources made available by OCCRP. Public records, leaks, scraped business registers, and more.
  • OpenCorporates 🌐 - A very comprehensive companies database. Has an API
  • ICIJ's Offshore Leaks Database 🌐 - Data on offshore companies, foundations and trusts from the Panama Papers, the Offshore Leaks, the Bahamas Leaks and the Paradise Papers investigations.
  • List of company registers 📝 (Wikipedia) - A list of all companies registers, by country.
  • CompaniesHouse Short Guide 📖 - (Bellingcat) A guide about the UK online company registry.

Data Analysis & Manipulation

  • OpenRefine 💻 - Clean & transform messy data.
  • csvkit 💻 - A suite of command-line tools for converting to and working with CSV files.
  • pandas 🐍 - Powerful Python data analysis library. Best used in a Jupyter notebook.


Lists of tools & resources

Location, Maps, Satellite Imagery

Mapping services & software

Tools & techniques

User generated content

  • Social media (see category)
  • Tourism & review websites: Foursquare, TripAdvisor, Yelp... 🌐
  • Wikimapia 🌐 - User-generated locations & descriptions. Has an API. Also allows to switch between satellite imagery from Google, Bing, OSM.
  • OpenStreetMap 🌐 - User-generated locations & maps. Use taginfo and/or - To search a location by key/value tags (see OSM's Wiki)
  • Vkontakte 🌐 - Use near:<coordinates> in a search.
  • EchoSec 🌐💲 - Search and analyze social media data based on location. ($499/mo)
  • GeoCreepy 💻 - Geolocation information gathering through social networking platforms (discontinued).


Multi-purpose tools

  • Belati 💻 - Command-line OSINT tool with whois, subdomain enumeration, mail harvesting, and more.
  • Maltego CE 💻 - Interactive data mining & mapping tool.
  • DataSploit 💻 - A collection of python scripts which automate open source intelligence searches about domain names, email addresses, IP addresses and usernames.
  • Buscador 💻 - A very handy VM with plenty of pre-installed & pre-configured OSINT tools.
  • Spiderfoot 💻 - Open source intelligence automation tool. Gathers intelligence about a given target, which may be an IP address, domain name, hostname, network subnet, ASN, e-mail address or person's name.

Phone numbers

  • NumberWay 🌐 - International directory of white pages and yellow pages phone books.
  • PhoneInfoga 💻 - Information gathering & OSINT reconnaissance tool for phone numbers.

Pictures, Photos, Videos



Reverse search

Verification & Analysis


Social Media



  • InstaLooter 💻 - Download all pictures & videos from an Instagram profile. No API key needed.


  • raven 💻 - Linkedin information gathering tool. Extracts employee data for a given company.



  • Tweetdeck 🌐
  • Tweetdeck Location Search Tutorial 📖
  • Tweets Analyzer 💻 - Twitter profile analyzer: tweet activity, locations, most used hashtags, etc. Can save tweets to JSON. Requires a Twitter API key.
  • TWINT (Twitter Intelligence Tool) 💻 - Advanced Twitter scraping tool, no API key needed. Can export to text, CSV, JSON, SQLite, Elasticsearch. Can detect emails, phone numbers, profiles.
  • twarc 💻🐍 - A command line tool and Python library for archiving Twitter in JSON format.
  • tinfoleak 💻 - Very complete open-source tool for Twitter intelligence analysis. Needs API credentials.

Text & Documents

Indexing & searching

  • Aleph 💻 - A toolkit for data search, management and analysis in investigative reporting.
  • Blacklight 💻 - Open source Solr user interface discovery platform.
  • ICIJ Extract 💻 - A command line tool for parallelized, distributed content-extraction.
  • searchbox 💻 - A simple out-of-the-box web interface to search through thousands of unstructured documents using Solr.


  • 🌐 - Recognizes several languages, can resize images, shortcuts to Google & Bing Translate.
  • Tesseract 💻 - Open-source OCR engine.

Natural Language Processing

  • topia 🐍 - Python module to determine important terms within a given piece of content.




Mindmaps & Network graphs


  • TimelineJS 💻
  • Tik Tok 💻 - Javascript tool to easily create simple, mobile-friendly, vertical timelines. Open-source.



Searches, info, related entities


Dark Web & Onion services

Whistleblowing software


  • Shodan 🌐 - Internet of Things search engine
  • grayhatwarfare 🌐 - Search open Amazon S3 buckets content.
  • awesome-selfhosted 📝 - A list of Free Software network services and web applications which can be hosted locally


This list is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License License.

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