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As beautiful as a shell
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Minishell - @42Born2Code

As beautiful as a shell

Quick Demo


Minishell is the second project of the Unix branch at 42. It's a minimum viable version of a real shell. The main goal is to have a good understanding of process creation and synchronisation using the C programmming language.

Installation & Usage


The only requirements are:

  • GNU make (v3.81)
  • GCC (v4.2.1)

Those versions are the ones used during development.

Building the program

  1. Download/Clone this repo

     git clone
  2. cd into the root directory and run make

     cd minishell

Running the program

After building the source, run ./minishell from the project root.

Main Project Instructions


  • Can only use C
  • Must respect the school imposed coding style (The Norme)
  • No memory leaks
  • Implement a series of builtins: echo, cd, setenv, unsetenv, env, exit
  • Manage the errors without using errno, by displaying a message adapted to the error output
  • Can only use these standard library functions:
    • malloc, free
    • access
    • open, close, read, write
    • opendir, readdir, closedir
    • getcwd, chdir
    • stat, lstat, fstat
    • fork, execve
    • wait, waitpid, wait3, wait4
    • signal, kill
    • exit
  • Must have a Makefile to build the program
  • The binary file must be named minishell
  • Can use Libft
  • Handle program interruption (Ctrl + D)
  • Click here for the rest


  • Signal management (specifically Ctrl + C)
  • PATH's right management (error handling)
  • Multiple commands (semi colons)


  • You can find the project instructions by clicking here
  • I commented the whole codebase so it's easy to navigate and understand it.
  • No need to mention the odd spacing in files, I'm using a tab size of 4.
  • There are probably better ways to implement it, we are limited by a set of functions at my school (just to make it harder and give us a deeper understanding of what's happening in the back), please, review the project instructions before you explain how X or Y would have been a better way to do it ;)




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