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My beers in BeerXML format
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My beers in Beer XML format. Feel free to copy or get inspired as long as you give me feedbacks!

Beer version

My beers recipes are using versioning like a computer software. Each number correspond to:

  • Major: Recipe number
  • Minor: Recipe tweak
  • Bugfix: Recipe brew number

Beers codenames

Here is the list of different beer recipes:

Libre beer (1.x.x)

Beer based on the "bière libre" recipe, brewed for the 13th edition of the RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre)

Recipe lost!

Blanche d'Armailli (2.x.x)

Smoky Weizen

Lavandale (3.x.x)

Pale Ale with lavender

Telpo (4.x.x)

Pale Ale with Ginger and verbena

Recipe lost!

Benistout (5.x.x)

Russian Imperial Stout with "vin cuit", that is basically "thick" pear sugar, a speciality of my area (Fribourg / Switzerland)


A big thank to Muggen for drawing the labels!

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