Dump JMX Metrics on command line.
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Dumps JMX metrics on the command line.

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Download latest release.

Older versions at Bintray.


$ java -jar jmx-dump-0.8.3-standalone.jar --help
Dump JMX Metrics

Usage: jmx-dump [options]

-a, --attrs MBEAN                     List attributes of mbean MBEAN
-c, --creds CREDS                     JMX Credentials, ROLE:PASS
-d, --dump MBEAN                      Dump MBEAN mbean attributes and values in json
    --dump-all                        Dump all mbean attributes and values in json
-h, --host HOST            localhost  JMX Host
-i, --invoke MBEAN OP                 Invoke operation OP on mbean MBEAN
-j, --jndi-path JNDI-PATH  jmxrmi     jndi-path to use
-l, --local VMID                      Fetch from local VM
-m, --mbeans                          List MBean names
-o, --operations MBEAN                List operations on mbean MBEAN
-p, --port PORT            3000       JMX Port
-u, --url URL                         JMX URL
-v, --value MBEAN ATTR1 ATTR2...      Dump values of specific MBEAN attributes


Copyright © 2015 Pranay Kanwar

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.