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r4wrds stands for "R for Water Resources Data Science". This repository builds the distill website.

Developer guide

Clone this repo, and open WRDS_index.RProj, which will trigger {renv} to install package dependencies.

Depending on your system build, you may need to configure {rJava}, {sf}, and GDAL.

If you run into issues, these links may be helpful:


The most straightforward way to build the entire site at once is to open the intro/WRDS_intro.RProj and intermediate/WRDS_intermediate.RProj files, and then run rmarkdown::render_site(). This will build all .Rmd files in the project directory into .html files.

After a successful build, run insert_og_twitter_meta_tags to insert Twitter and Open Graph meta tags so that links on social media display img/cover.png.


Software is open-source, provided under the Apache License.