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Validity Writer/Checker for r509, with a Redis backend

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This project is related to r509, r509-ca-http, and r509-ocsp-responder, allowing certificate validity and revocation information to be read and written to a Redis backend.

When a certificate is issued, we want this sent to Redis:

HMSET "cert:<issuer>:<serial>" status 0

When revoked:

HMSET "cert:<issuer>:<serial>" status 1 revocation_time <timestamp> revocation_reason 0

To get the status of a certificate:

HGETALL "cert:<issuer>:<serial>"

The "status" field can be one of:


The "revocation_reason" field can be one of:

0  (unspecified)
1  (keyCompromise)
2  (cACompromise)
3  (affiliationChanged)
4  (superseded)
5  (cessationOfOperation)
6  (certificateHold)
8  (removeFromCRL)
9  (privilegeWithdrawn)
10 (aACompromise)
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