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Sorry for contacting you here, does this repo supports multi vhosts?
Creating like this

If yes, I am weak with Linux and chef configuration. How would I do it, I did not really catch the documentation.

ps: I have tried to use your repo but with no success.

r8 commented Jan 22, 2013

Yes, you can set up any number of vhosts.
Just create for it subfolder in public folder and set up data bag json file with configuration


Unfortunately it doesnt work.

FIrst I started trying out, nothing works. Went to, I could see php info.

Took me one hour to complete the first 'vagrant up'. At the beginning I saw 'mysql gem missing'.
I ssh the vagrant, seems the system is outdated, it asked me to update the linux.

Going to search every single repo on github like yours, really need it urgently.



The update message isn't really something to worry about, it just means that the lucid32 box (which is somewhat of a standard in the Vagrant world) is not the very latest Ubuntu release (I am not too at home in the Ubuntu world, but I do know it if not always a bad thing to not be using the very latest thing :)). I can't remember the 'mysql gem missing' from my own endeavours, but you may want to try my fork of this repo, it does have the precise release of Ubuntu because I needed a more recent release of PHP.


Okay, I will try out your repo, and will contact you if I get stuck



That is fine. Please do bare in mind that:

  • the vagrant setup is for my own use first, available to whoever might benefit from it on GitHub second;
  • I am not a Vagrant support channel :)

Please only enter an issue in the issue queue when you have found a genuine problem with the setup, preferably with a pull request attached containing a solution ;)



I am getting frustrated right now. Let clarify some things.

Your repo and r8 repo, I appreciate the work you have done for the public and personal use.

Something I dont understand is. When I do first 'vagrant up', I expect to go to and see php info. Is this correct?

From my side, it doesnt work, I even added in my /etc/hosts file on my machine, not vagrant box. I get nothing. The only way I could see the php info by going to

I created a folder, created test.json and added in the sites folder. I tested but same result. When I go to, the html override the

All the changes I made, I did vagrant reload.

Please explain to me what your setup was aimed for? One project only? Since r8 answered my question it is possible to have multi vhost.

Please enlighten what I am doing wrong. I just need to start working, not prepared to have one site, one db per vagrant setup.

Thank you.

r8 commented Jan 23, 2013

You should add to hosts file on your machine, not is your local machine, is vagrant
Sites are on vagrant, so you should add to hosts on your local machine, then your machine will be able to find them


Thank you. Big sign of relief.

Happy coding.

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