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rBiblia Web

php-cs-fixer phpstan rector lint

Simple web interface to access rBiblia's built-in translations repository in an online mode. You can access repository at the official location under

Check also standalone and more powerful desktop version of this application at Binary version is available in different languages (English, Polish and Russian) and works on Windows.

This piece of software was created by Rafał Toborek with a cooperation of Brothers in Faith (check contributors list).

Everyone is invited to help make this software better and help to spread God's Word over the world!


Please refer to docs folder where you can find materials which will help you to develop locally. Please keep in mind that there is still a lot to do here (especially in the documentation part). It is recommended to text directly to Rafał in order to get instructions on how to build project locally (use contact form).

Technical talk

App was created using PHP v8.2 on the backend with support of ReactJS v17 on the frontend side. We use modern (on the date of writing this note) dev-technologies like Webpack, JSX, SASS, PSR's, etc.


  • add better error handling when dealing with response data
  • add caching to avoid server querying with every location change
  • implement tests (who cares about tests...)


Maintaining of this repo and translations is generating costs. If you wish to you can always support our work.


List of recent releases and changes can be tracked using assets/docs/changelog.txt file.


See full list.

License and terms of usage

Legal stuff can be found in LICENSE file included in this repo.

Jezus żyje! 🧡