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Localisation resources for rBiblia application

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rBiblia for Windows locales


Localisation repository for rBiblia application.

All contributions are welcome.

Here you will find details on how to translate rBiblia's interface into your language.

Step by step instruction

  • start your work by forking this repository,
  • create a new branch for your work,
  • create a new folder using language culture specific name (eg. pl-PL, en-GB, fr-FR etc.),
  • copy all files included in en-GB folder to your new location,
  • start your work by opening translation.xml file in your favorite text editor (eg. Notepad),
  • change (or add a new one) name under <authors></authors> tags. Name between <name></name> tags will be shown in the About box of the Language settings window,
  • start translating strings stored between <value id="..." type="..."></value> tags. Please, do not change anything beyond this area, especially do not touch id or type attributes.
  • after your work is done, you can add a new commit with the proper name, for example [en-GB] added interface translation file - all your commits should be preceded with culture specific id stored between [square brackets],
  • push your local branch to your fork and create a new Pull Request.

After successful review of your Pull Request, your commits will be merged into master branch of the upstream repository.

Only two files are required to translate rBiblia's interface: translation.xml and aliases.xml.

If you have any questions, please do not hestitate to contact the author of this repository.

You can drop me a line using dedicated contact form (please keep in mind that I can understand only Polish and English language).

Please support my work.

You can follow rBiblia on Facebook and Telegram.