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dots is a simple OS for DCPU 16. It can be built using 0x10c DevKit (http://0x10c-devkit.com/). The source uses its macro capabilities heavily.

Project structure

The solution file is dots-v0.0.3-dcpu16.10csln, which contains all of the sub-projects. Each project is located in its seperate sub-folder.

There will definitely be more sub-projects, but for now they are:

  • Core - The kernel proper and entry point
  • StackCall - Calling convention definitioins
  • Std - Math, String, Mem functions
  • Hal - Simple Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • InitProc - Initializes the Hardware

These are not complete yet, they are being added to as needed (mostly copying and fixing code, from a prevoius implementation).

Project goals

dots originally got started years ago as a hobby OS project for the x86 and later moved to amd64, but lately I haven't had the time (or will) to keep working on it (maybe someday in the future). But I really needed something low-level to keep the blood flowing, so I decided to see what I can do in pure assembly on a 16 bit machine I never saw before.

The aim of this project is to have fun and learn things :) Operating systems are a very interesting topic (to me, at least). Also, I have never done a full scale project in assembly, so now is my chance.


Currently InitProc initializes Video, Clock, Keyboard and RTC (see below), but the handlers don't do anything yet.

Friendly Real Time Clock

Friendly RTC is my (very simple) device plugin for 0x10c DevKit IDE: A Real Time Clock. It's not necessary for dots to operate, I just didn't remove the code. I will probably make it available on GitHub when I have fully decided on the functionality and implemented it.