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+A Does Nothing Type of Application used to Demonstrate an awesome feature introduced in Rails 4.
-This README would normally document whatever steps are necessary to get the
-application up and running.
-Things you may want to cover:
+Point of Interests :
-* Ruby version
-* System dependencies
+Which basically achieves the live streaming of data using ActionController::Live.
-* Configuration
+Other Things to Watch out :
-* Database creation
+Check out the Directory Structure to know the differences introduced in Rails 4.
-* Database initialization
-* How to run the test suite
+I have used a local copy of Rails 4 Project to develop this project.
-* Services (job queues, cache servers, search engines, etc.)
+So you can clone it from
+And provide your local path in the Gemfile as
-* Deployment instructions
+gem 'rails', path: '/Path/To/Your/Rails4/
-* ...
+That's it. You are good to Go clone and Run this Project to see the awesomeness of ActionController::Live :)
-Please feel free to use a different markup language if you do not plan to run
-<tt>rake doc:app</tt>.
+Interested in Exploring More Awesome Features in Rails 4 ?
+You can Check out my repo on 'Strong Parameters' in Rails 4.
+Feel free to write me at for any queries and updates.
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