Fast coding for Small-scale PHP projects.
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CodeLapse Build Status

Fast coding for Small-scale PHP projects.

How to use

  1. copy "cl" directory to your project.
  2. write require in CodeLapse using files.
// Load CodeLapse bootstrap.
require 'cl/bs.php';

Do anything...


  • Multidimension array utility
    • Arr
  • Input wrapper
    • Input
    • Cookie
    • Session
  • Mail wrapper
    • Support plain text & HTML
    • Support multiple file attach.
  • Smarty wrapper
  • Late static binding on PHP 5.2.x
    • LateBinding
  • Database Utility
    • DB
    • DB_Resultset (Iterable resultset abstraction.)
    • DB_CrudModel
      Active Record like model.(Currently not function as ORM.)
    • DB_Connection
      Automatic driver switching PDO class or MySQL functions.(Currently only support MySQL.)