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require "os"
require "io"
require "string"
mputils = require "mp.utils"
-- "find_subtitles" tries to do two simple things:
-- 1. use python's subliminal for downloading subtitles
-- 2. load any subtitles found within movie folder
-- (this script binds letter "s")
-- helper function for capturing cli response
-- Reference:
function os.capture(cmd, raw)
local f = assert(io.popen(cmd, "r"))
local s = assert(f:read("*a"))
return string.sub(s, 0, -2)
-- helper function for getting file (adress) info
-- (works regardless cwd path)
function fileadressinfo()
local fpath = mp.get_property("path", " ")
local dir = mputils.split_path(fpath)
if dir == "." then
dir = mp.get_property("working-directory")
return fpath, dir
function find_subtitles()
local fp, dr = fileadressinfo()
-- use subliminal to fetch english subtitles from all providers (change en to your preference if needed)"Searching for subtitles..")
local ss =
"subliminal download --provider opensubtitles --provider podnapisi --provider thesubdb --provider tvsubtitles -l en -v '" ..
fp .. "'"
-- you can also use this if you join addict7d (replace user and pass with yours; use no quotes just the strings)
-- local ss = os.capture("--addic7ed user pass --opensubtitles user pass download " ..
-- "--provider addic7ed --provider opensubtitles --provider podnapisi --provider thesubdb --provider tvsubtitles --provider shooter " ..
-- "--refiner metadata --refiner omdb --refiner tvdb -l en -v" .. fp .. "'")
-- strip unnecessary info (as of subliminal version 1.0.1 the string matchings below are working ... dont know for how long though
ss = string.gsub(ss, "(Collecting videos)", "")
ss = string.gsub(ss, "(Downloading subtitles)", "")
ss = string.gsub(ss, "(1 video collected / 0 video ignored / 0 error)", ".")
ss = string.gsub(ss, "\n", "")
if string.match(ss, "0 video collected / 1 video ignored / 0 error") then
ss = "Subtitle already in path.. "
-- Possible messages to display:
-- "1 subtitle downloaded for <FILENAME>", if subliminal returned without errors
-- "Subtitle already in path..", if there are already subtitles in the folder
-- <captured errors>, if something has gone wrong
mp.osd_message(string.format(" %s", ss), 4)
-- no matter what happened, try to load *.srt files (if any)
mp.commandv("rescan_external_files", "reselect")
mp.add_key_binding("s", "subtitles", find_subtitles)
mp.register_event("start-file", find_subtitles)