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Anelace BCDclock firmware
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This is an alternative firmware for the Anelace BCDclock.


You need gputils to build the firmware. To flash the firmware
to the device, I've successfully used pk2cmd with a PICkit2.
Build bcdclock with:

    $ make

In the src directory, you'll find the file bcdclock.hex, which
can be programmed to the device.


Simulation requires gpsim version 0.28.1 which includes 16F505
support. To run the simulation:

    $ make sim

The simulation requires the demux module which is part of this
repository. It will automatically be compiled when the simulation is
started with the above command.


The firmware has two modes:

- clock mode
- configure mode

SW3 is used to switch between both modes. In clock mode, SW1 and SW2
can be used to set the time.

In configure mode, you can cycle through the settings with SW1. SW2
changes settings. In this mode, each LED column represents one
setting. The blinking column is the currently active setting which
would be modified by SW2.

The current settings are:

   O     O     O
   O  O  O  O  O
O  O  O  O  O  O
O  O  O  O  O  O

         |  |  +--- brightness
         |  +------ seconds mode
         +--------- 12/24 hours mode

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