@ra3xdh ra3xdh released this Feb 1, 2016 · 650 commits to qucs-s-stable since this release

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It is unofficial packages for Linux (tar.gz sources) and Windows-32bit (binary installer) platforms. It includes spice4qucs features set by default. These packages are intended for test purposes.

The list of changes:

  1. Added Pole-Zero analysis with Ngspice
  2. Added several XSPICE devices
  3. Added magnetic cores models
  4. Added .MODEL and .INCLUDE directives support
  5. Added new Transformers library for Qucs+Ngspice
  6. Unified SPICE components icons
  7. Added PlotVs() emulation for SPICE
  8. Fixed different bugs including bugfixes form mainline Qucs

Follow official build instructions at https;//github.com/Qucs/qucs to build executables from the source tarball.

Documentation is available here: https://qucs-help.readthedocs.org/en/spice4qucs/