Port of the Arcsynthesis tutorial and SuperBible C++ code to Java+LWJGL
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LWJGL OpenGL Tutorials

Quick Start

What you need

How to run samples

  1. Ensure you have Java SDK 7 and in your PATH
  2. Clone this repository: git clone https://github.com/ra4king/LWJGL-OpenGL-Tutorials.git
  3. Create a project, specifying 'src' as the source folder, and adding the JARs in the 'libs' folder as dependencies
  4. Setup natives properly. The natives are located in /libs/lwjgl/natives/


Every section is found in the source under src/com/ra4king/opengl:

  • arcsynthesis: Java ports of the excellent C++ tutorials from "Learning Modern 3d Graphics Programming"

  • redbook: A collection of examples from the OpenGL Programming Guide first edition (warning: uses very obsolete OpenGL)

  • superbible: A collection of examples from the OpenGL SuperBible fourth edition (Also old-fashioned in parts, but fifth edition examples are coming soon!)

  • test: Miscellaneous test programs.

Licensed under BSD 3-Clause license