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iksa01 commented Sep 13, 2014

Post format link sharing like the blockquotes also needs a special look can you please look in to it ?

I mean when ever i share a link like the quotes post format it needs to stand out. Hope i was clear in expressing my request ?

raamdev commented Sep 15, 2014

@iksa01 How should it look? The current style is the style used by most themes. If you have some ideas for how we can improve it, please let me know and I'll definitely take a look. :) If you have a screenshot and/or link from another site where you like the Link Format design better, that would be helpful. :)

iksa01 commented Sep 17, 2014

@raamdev hi, thanks for the reply.I love post formats and http://standarddemo.wordpress.com/v is the best example i found on net, the problem with the theme is it is no longer supported and not so flexible.


I am not saying exactly like the above but , it will give you an idea, making them minimalist same time easily recognizable.

@raamdev raamdev added enhancement and removed needs feedback labels Sep 19, 2014
raamdev commented Sep 19, 2014

@iksa01 Thanks so much for the screenshots! I love the idea of enhancing the Link Post Format this way. I've marked this issue as an Enhancement and will add this to the TODO list. :)


For the Link post format I loved how Elmastudio “solved” the problem with their Piha theme …

I write a post title and then in the body a simple <a class="link-format-btn" href="URL"> to obtain the following …

schermata 2015-06-24 alle 20 54 06

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@raamdev Link Post Format: Show title with external link icon.
Props @iksa01 and @kOoLiNuS for feedback. Fixes #160
@raamdev raamdev closed this in fd66a08 Apr 28, 2016
raamdev commented Apr 28, 2016

Posts with a Link Post Format now have their title shown with an external link icon at the end of it:


Combining this with a plugin like Page Links To would make for a nice Link format experience.

kOoLiNuS commented Apr 30, 2016 edited

Raam I love the "external icon" … my doubts are due to the fact that I usually use the Link post format to highlight a link … without quotes or using a title.

For the example post you've uploaded I would use a Quote post, with a cite showing the original author's URL, like I've done here:

kool-screen 2016-04-30 alle 15 06 06

The way you're styling makes more sense when you see the post in the Single Post format. Personally I've solved putting and → at the end of the URL, which is posted with an H2 size (like I've done here)

raamdev commented May 2, 2016

@kOoLiNuS The old Link Format style (without the title) could be achieved by simply hiding the title using some CSS in your child theme: .format-link .entry-title { display: none; }

In the example you gave above, it looks like the Quote Format would be more appropriate (and that appears to be the format that you're using on your site—I just checked).

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