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Hey, have you heard of https://indiewebcamp.com/ ? Their main goal is to increase interconnectivity of self-hosted websites. They also have a guide for implementing technologies like webmentions, IndieAuth, micro-formats etc. in wordpress: https://indiewebcamp.com/WordPress

As a user I'm overwhelmed by this, but maybe you're interested in some points. Not many theme-developers support the technology right now so it seems like a good opportunity to experiment and get attention.

The IndieWebCamp also built a collection of already working plugins – most of them also mentioned on their wiki page –, but they don't seem to work with Independent Publisher right now: https://wordpress.org/plugins/indieweb/

  • e.g. IndieAuth doesn't work because the links in the social-menu don't seem to have the rel="me" tag

PS: Do you have a flattr account? I would like to donate.

raamdev commented Jul 16, 2015

PS: Do you have a flattr account? I would like to donate.

I just added a Flattr button to the sidebar on http://independentpublisher.me. :-) Thanks!

have you heard of https://indiewebcamp.com/ ?

I have! And I love the idea. There's actually already a Feature Request open for that; see #155. However, that's for Brid.gy, which seems to just be another adoption of the idea.

I'm going to leave this issue open so that I can specifically look into integration with the IndieWeb WordPress plugin.

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+1 from me on this feature request. (It would be cool to see an awesome theme like this also support microformats v2 as well. Sempress is the only theme out there that does this already see: https://github.com/pfefferle/SemPress, so it would certainly set the theme apart.)

@raumzeit77 As a temporary fix for the IndieAuth piece, you could add a text widget to your site that helps you get compliance with some of the IndieWeb Specs. You can also repeat some of the social icons with "invisible" links so that they don't actually display on the page, but are machine readable for IndieWeb purposes. It's not the best fix/workaround as you'll need to remember that the "invisible" code is there at some later date, but it should get you over the hump. Keep in mind that not all providers work with IndieAuth, though platforms like Twitter and GitHub do.
Try putting the following into a text widget (some portions will be visible others, link tags for example, will not):

<div class="h-card">
<link href="https://facebook.com/USERNAME" rel="me">
<link href="https://twitter.com/USERNAME" rel="me">
<link href="https://plus.google.com/+USERNAME1/posts" rel="me">
<link href="https://www.pinterest.com/USERNAME/" rel="me" > 
<link href="sms:+12125551212" rel="me">
<link href="mailto:me@emailaddress.com" rel="me">
<img rel="me" class="u-photo" src="http://domainname.com/site_icon.png" alt="" width="200" height="200"  /><br/><br/>
email: <a class="u-email" href="mailto:me@emailaddress.com">me@emailaddress.com</a><br/>
phone:<span class="p-tel"><a rel="me" href="tel:+12125551212" >+12125551212</a></span><br/>
<p class="p-note">
<span class="p-job-title">President</span> and <span class="p-role">CEO</span> at <a class="p-org" href="http://domainname.com" target="blank" >Company Name</a>; <br/>
<span class="p-locality">ANYWHERE, NY </span><span class="p-country-name">United States</span></p>

Some of the code will also qualify you for some additional levels within the IndieWeb identification space relating to h-card.


Wow, thanks @chrisaldrich ! I guess I could also add it directly to the homepage html, though I need to look up which .php module of wordpress I need to modify for that.

Also I just set up a test blog with SemPress to try out all the other cool indieweb stuff like semantic linkbacks.


@raumzeit77 http://indiewebcamp.com/wordpress has some pretty great resources for implementing IndieWeb on WordPress.

If it helps, try following some of what @pfefferle and @dshanske are doing here on GitHub as they seem to be two of the foremost IndieWeb-ers in the WordPress space. They've got wealth of plugins and know far more than I, though I do my best to dabble as I have time.

dshanske commented Aug 4, 2015

Happy to help.

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Noting that #201 (comment) adds support for Webmentions, however I'm leaving this GitHub issue open to discuss integration with other IndieWeb plugins.

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