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Presentation PySide
- Hello World Example
- What is PySide (python bindings for Qt framework which is a C++ library)
- Difference to PyQt (open source, license, minor coding differences, more pythonic)
- Tools to write your PySide apps: sublime (text editor, pyside plugin available), QtDesigner
- 3 possibilities to generate UIs (show how generating the same example looks like for each of them):
- QtDesigner (WYSIWYG)
- qml (simple UI modelling language, looks a bit like CSS)
- programmatically (python)
- Events: Qt's signal/slot mechanism (also show a simple example, e.g. pressing a button increases counter in TextView)
- MVC (Qt thought for MVC architecture), show a simple python MVC setup for PySide
- If time remains: automatic database integration and viewing with QSql...