Control software for the Inland (FURI KEYSHINE) USB LED Badge.
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In order to build/run the utility, please do:

$ cd src ; make all
$ ./usb-badge-gui
(To run the CLI utility, simply run ./usb-badge-cli -h after building.)

To install, simply 'make install'. This will even install a .desktop file, so that the utility may be run from the Applications -> Accessories menu.

To uninstall, just do a simple 'make uninstall'.

This package requires GTK+ >= 2.14.0, libusb >= 0.1 (not 1.x), and libhid >= 2.6.15.

I wrote this for the fun and convenience of people who might have/use this product, and for those who might be interested in how it works.

Installation of binary packages:

	* Add the following apt source:
		deb ARCH/
	  (replacing ARCH with your architecture (e.g. amd64)
	* apt-get update
	* apt-get install usb-badge

	* Download the package from:
	* Install with dpkg, gdebi, etc.

	* Download the package from
	* Install the package with: rpm -ivh --force usb-badge-*.rpm
If you have issues running this as a non-root user, be sure to double-check your usbfs permissions. By default, a set of udev rules (contributed by Jeff Jahr) will be installed to /etc/udev/rules.d that should satisfy this issue, and allow the badge to display the selected message while still attached via USB. Assuming the kernel supports the "autosuspend" feature, and that the badge isn't claimed by any other device (i.e. hidraw/hiddev).