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Enable mecrisp-sterallis FORTH to run from the NRF52840-DK built-in USB serial connection

Setup instructions:

  1. Upload the hex file in this repository to the nRF52840-DK by dragging it to the virtual JLINK drive that appears on your computer when the nRF52840-DK is attached. This is the microbit hex file, but it has been recompiled to encompass the 256K RAM and 1MB of flash that the nRF52840 has.
  2. On the nRF52840-DK, connect pin P0.25 to pin P0.08, and connect P0.24 to pin P0.06.
  3. Install mecrisp-sterallis for the BBC:microbit onto the nRF52840-DK by dragging the hex file onto the nRF52840-DK's virtual drive.
  4. Open a terminal to the nRF52840-DK, using baudrate 115200.
  5. Upload the file in this repository.
  6. Done! The change will now be made automatically every time the nRF52840-DK is rebooted. You no longer need the jumper wires, and the nRF52840-DK will now use the proper pins for communicating over its usb interface.

Update 2018-12-11: Use the code located here: to enable the reset button on the nRF52840-DK.

Version nRF52840_v002.fs clarifies exactly which numbers are binary, hex, or decimal.

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