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'node_name' method bug in cluster.rb recipe #271

XiangYao opened this issue May 26, 2015 · 0 comments


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commented May 26, 2015

Hi there, I got a weird bug in cluster.rb recipe which node_name method prints out the wrong node name by running command rabbitmqctl eval "node()."
I'm using ubuntu 14.04 and Vagrant for my test kitchen, and here comes the result of my test:

First I used rabbitmq 3.3.4 and ran the recipes, here the error message:

buntu-1404","type":"disc"}]] action change_cluster_node_type (rabbitmq::cluster line 41)
       [2015-05-26T19:33:08+00:00] DEBUG: Platform ubuntu version 14.04 found
       [2015-05-26T19:33:08+00:00] INFO: [rabbitmq_cluster] Action change_cluster_node_type ... 
       [2015-05-26T19:33:08+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] Executing rabbitmqctl cluster_status
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] rabbitmqctl cluster_status : [{nodes,[{disc,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}]}, {running_nodes,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}, {cluster_name,<<"opower">>}, {partitions,[]}]
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] Executing rabbitmqctl eval "node()."
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] node name : 'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ node_name 'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ cluster_status [{nodes,[{disc,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}]}, {running_nodes,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}, {cluster_name,<<"opower">>}, {partitions,[]}]
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] disc_nodes : 'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: ******************************** disc_nodes : ["'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'"]
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ BOOLEAN!!!!! false
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [rabbitmq_cluster] disc_nodes : 'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: ******************************** disc_nodes : ["'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404'"]
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: 1
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: 2
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: [{nodes,[{disc,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}]}, {running_nodes,['rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404']}, {cluster_name,<<"opower">>}, {partitions,[]}]
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: ({ram,\[)(.*?)(\]})
       [2015-05-26T19:33:09+00:00] DEBUG: 3

       Error executing action `change_cluster_node_type` on resource 'rabbitmq_cluster[[{"name":"rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404","type":"disc"}]]'

       undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

I added more debugging messages there, but you can tell that rabbitmqctl eval "node()." prints out 'rabbit@rabbit1-ubuntu-1404' ...done. instead of the correct node name, which caused error.

Then I changed my rabbitmq version to 3.4.4 which is the default version in the cookbook, and this issue disappeared. But however, I got a similar issue in node_name method since it prints out node name with single quotes and it failed in method parse_cluster_nodes_string since its result doesn't contain single quote out of it.

  var_cluster_node_type = parse_cluster_nodes_string(new_resource.cluster_nodes).select { |node| node['name'] == var_node_name }.first['type'] # ~FC039

Does this issue sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!


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