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RabbitMQ MQTT plugin
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RabbitMQ MQTT Plugin

Getting Started

This is an MQTT plugin for RabbitMQ.

The plugin is included in the RabbitMQ distribution. To enable it, use rabbitmq-plugins:

rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_mqtt

Default port used by the plugin is 1883.


MQTT plugin documentation is available from



Running Tests

After cloning RabbitMQ umbrella repository, change into the rabbitmq-mqtt directory and run

make tests

This will bring up a RabbitMQ node with the plugin enabled and run integration tests against it. Note that there must be no other MQTT server running on ports 1883 and 8883.

Copyright and License

(c) 2007 — 2016 Pivotal Software, Inc.

Released under the Mozilla Public License, the same as RabbitMQ.

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