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RabbitMQ 3.6.10

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RabbitMQ 3.6.10

RabbitMQ 3.6.10 is a maintenance release.

Upgrades and Compatibility

See the "Upgrading clusters" section of the documentation
for general documentation on upgrades.

⚠️ This release introduces stricter validation for rabbitmq_management_agent.sample_retention_policies values.
In case your installation overrides default sample retention policies, please make sure to read
the discussion in rabbitmq-management-agent#41 before
upgrading to make sure your configuration passes validation.

This release has no other known incompatibilities with versions 3.6.7 through 3.6.9. See 3.6.7 release notes
upgrade and compatibility notes if upgrading from an earlier release.

Core Server

Bug Fixes

  • rabbitmqctl wait exited with the status code of 0 when node stopped because it could
    not contact any cluster peers to [re-]join.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1214

  • rabbitmqctl forget_cluster_node used in offline mode could result in promotion of a node that's no longer a cluster member.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1213

  • Queue master locator could not be set using optional queue arguments (x-arguments).

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1172

  • CLI tool (e.g. rabbitmqctl) man pages were not rendered correctly.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1180


  • Disk space monitor will periodically retry (every 2 minutes by default, up to 10 times)
    before going into disabled state as external tools used to monitor available disk space
    can fail or produce unexpected output temporarily.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1178

  • Memory relative free disk space limits now support integer values as well as floats.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1194

Management and Management Agent Plugins

Bug Fixes

  • TLS-related settings in HTTP API listeners could break JSON serialisation for the GET /api/overview endpoint.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#393

  • Non-numerical values for numerical stats are now handled safety by stats aggregation. For example, if
    free disk space monitor had to stop reporting data because it could not parse external tool output
    that would break HTTP API GET /api/overview responses.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#375.

  • Stats are no longer emitted for connections that are not considered to be in the fully initialised

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management-agent#42

  • POST requests now instruct clients to close TCP connections.

    In some popular browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer) a POST request followed by an immediate GET request
    would result in a 400 response. Other browsers do no exhibit this behaviour.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#377

  • I/O average time per operation graph didn't match legend.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#384

  • Sample retention policies are now validated more strictly to avoid configurations that
    are not supported and will lead to exceptions.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management-agent#41

  • Certain stats for connections were not initialised as numerical values, which resulted in log noise.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management-agent#45

  • UI operation for binding deletion did not respect optional (extra) binding arguments.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#243


MQTT Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • A non-initialized connection (e.g. one that failed early because client-provided
    payload wasn't a valid MQTT payload) produced a crash report log entry during termination.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-mqtt#134

LDAP Plugin

Bug Fixes

Trust Store Plugin


  • Certificate change detection algorithm no longer uses stat(2) on certificate directory because
    of its limitations that could lead to undetected changes in certain scenarios.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-trust-store#58

Web STOMP Plugin

Bug Fixes

Management Visualiser Plugin

Bug Fixes


To upgrade a non-clustered RabbitMQ simply install the new version. All configuration and persistent message data are retained. When upgrading using definitions export/import from versions earlier than 3.6.0, see

To upgrade a RabbitMQ cluster, follow the instructions in RabbitMQ documentation.

Source code archives

Warning: The source code archive provided by GitHub only contains the source of the broker,
not the plugins. Please download the archive named rabbitmq-3.6.10.tar.gz.