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RabbitMQ 3.6.3
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RabbitMQ 3.6.3

RabbitMQ 3.6.3 is a maintenance release that includes
bug fixes, packaging and build system enhancements.

As of 3.6.3, RabbitMQ also comes with several additional plugins in the distribution:

Breaking Changes

Known Issues on Erlang 19.0

An undocumented runtime metric change in Erlang 19.0 breaks management plugin.


Bug Fixes

  • (Newly elected) queue master process could terminate immediately after promotion

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#812

  • Priority queue mirror could fail to synchronize after restart

    GitHub issues: rabbitmq-server#687, rabbitmq-server#802

  • Shutdown timeouts for worker processes are now much more reasonable.
    Earlier the timeouts were virtually infinite which could lead to a deadlock during node shutdown.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#541

  • Purging of a durable queue could result in undelivered publisher confirms.
    Contributed by Andreas Ländle.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#854

  • Old incarnations of queue mirrors are now ensured to be stopped before new ones are started

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#863


Management Plugin


Bug Fixes

.NET Client

Bug Fixes


LDAP Plugin


Bug Fixes

  • Query failures (e.g. noSuchObject responses) from LDAP servers are now correctly treated as false in
    or and and queries instead of erroring.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-auth-backend-ldap#48

Trust Store Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Invalid/unparseable certificates no longer prevent other certificates from (re)loading

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-trust-store#27


  • Certificate verification now can validate only leaf certificates.
    This is more convenient in some cases. It will be one of the opt-in modes
    in future versions.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-trust-store#34

  • The plugin now logs when a certificate is added (loaded) or removed (unloaded)

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-trust-store#28

  • The plugin now provides a function for listing trust store certificates
    via rabbitmqctl eval: rabbitmqctl eval 'io:format(rabbit_trust_store:list()).'

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-trust-store#31

Erlang Client


Bug Fixes

Delayed Message Exchange Plugin