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RabbitMQ 3.7.26

@pivotal-rabbitmq-ci pivotal-rabbitmq-ci released this
· 34020 commits to master since this release
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RabbitMQ 3.7.26

RabbitMQ 3.7.26 is a maintenance release. It focuses on bug fixes and usability

RabbitMQ 3.7.x series are out of general support and covered by the limited extended support policy.

Please consider upgrading to RabbitMQ 3.8.x.

Erlang/OTP Compatibility Notes

This release no longer supports Erlang/OTP 20.3.
Previously recent 3.7.x nodes could start on Erlang 20.3 and to some extent were tested on it despite
the Erlang 21.3+ requirements in release notes and documentation.

Starting with this release, 21.3+ is a hard requirement enforced in the code
to ensure forward compatibility with Erlang 23.

Make sure a supported Erlang version is used before upgrading.
Provisioning Latest Erlang Releases explains
what package repositories and tools can be used to provision latest patch versions of Erlang 21.3.x and 22.x.

Compatibility Notes

Upgrading to Erlang 21.x or Later Versions

When upgrading to this release and upgrading Erlang to 21.x or later at the same time, extra care has to be taken.
Since CLI tools from RabbitMQ releases older than 3.7.7 will fail on Erlang 21 or later,
RabbitMQ must be upgraded before Erlang.

Upgrade Doc Guides and Change Log

See 3.7.0 release notes upgrade
and compatibility notes first if upgrading from an earlier release.

See the Upgrading guide for general documentation on upgrades
and RabbitMQ change log for release notes of other releases.

Getting Help

Any questions about this release, upgrades or RabbitMQ in general are welcome on the
RabbitMQ mailing list.


Federation Plugin


  • "Command" operations such as binding propagation now use a separate channel for all links, preventing latency
    spikes for asynchronous operations (such as message publishing) (a head-of-line blocking problem).

    Contributed by Grigory Starinkin.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq/rabbitmq-federation#97

Management Plugin

Bug Fixes

Shovel Plugin

Bug Fixes

Source code archives

Warning: The source code archive provided by GitHub only contains the source of the broker,
not the plugins or the client libraries. Please download the archive named rabbitmq-server-3.7.26.tar.xz.