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RabbitMQ 3.7.3

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@pivotal-rabbitmq-ci pivotal-rabbitmq-ci released this 30 Jan 13:20

RabbitMQ 3.7.3

RabbitMQ 3.7.3 is a patch release with some bug fixes and enhancements.

Upgrades and Compatibility

This release has no known incompatibilities with earlier 3.7.x versions.
See 3.7.0 release notes upgrade and compatibility notes if upgrading from an earlier release.

See the Upgrading guide for general documentation on upgrades.

See RabbitMQ change log for release notes of other releases.


Core Server

Bug Fixes

  • Logging to amq.rabbitmq.log exchange is available again as a logging mechanism. Note that
    the user must opt-in by setting = true in the config file.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1456

  • During node boot, the logger will temporarily accept a much higher maximum rate so that no messages are dropped.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1471

  • Plugin activation could hang if a plugin's channel interceptor failed to activate with an exception.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1477

  • During node boot, virtual host that are not yet initialised could be queried for status, which
    resulted in log noise.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-server#1472


Management Plugin

Bug Fixes

  • Definition import now stores global parameters in a way that the MQTT plugin expects.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#528

  • User update form now successfully updates tags for passwordless users (or if the password is cleared at the same time).

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-management#533


LDAP AuthN/AuthZ Backend Plugin

Bug Fixes

Peer Discovery Consul Plugin

  • When a node registers with Consul it will now set its initial health check status to passing.
    Previously the node would be in the critical state until it first reported its health for the
    first time (in 15 seconds with default settings), which could prevent its peers from discovering it.

    Kudos to @andersenleo for investigating this issue and recommending a solution.

    GitHub issue: rabbitmq-peer-discovery-consul#8

CLI Tools

Bug Fixes

Source code archives

Warning: The source code archive provided by GitHub only contains the source of the broker,
not the plugins or the client libraries. Please download the archive named rabbitmq-3.7.3.tar.gz.