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Recommend Windows users to go with JRuby

Signed-off-by: Michael S. Klishin <>
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## Requirements
+If you use Microsoft Windows, we highly recommend you to use [JRuby](
+It is 1.9.2-compatible since 1.6.0.
To run this code you need [amqp gem]( version 0.8
(currently available as a prerelease version). This code won't work
-with earlier versions! You can install it via RubyGems thusly:
+with earlier versions!
+You can install it via RubyGems. On Linux, Mac OS X and *BSD systems:
gem install amqp --pre --version "~> 0.8.0.rc12"
+On Windows:
+ jruby.exe --1.9 -S gem install amqp --pre --version "~> 0.8.0.rc12"
## Code
[Tutorial one: "Hello World!"](

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