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updates README to new php-amqplib location

I moved the development of php-amqplib from the
tnc account to the videlalvaro account and I started
adding tests and benchmarks there.

More info here:

Now the version used for the tutorials is tagged. Once I'm done with the refactorings that I want to apply I will test the code again and and resubmit a
patch for the README
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videlalvaro committed Nov 18, 2011
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@@ -8,12 +8,17 @@ tutorials](
To run the examples you need a running RabbitMQ server.
-Additionaly you need `PHP 5.3` and `php-amqplib`. To get these
+Additionally you need `PHP 5.3` and `php-amqplib`. To get these
dependencies on Ubuntu type:
sudo apt-get install git-core php5-cli
- git clone lib/php-amqplib
+ git clone lib/php-amqplib
+Since the tutorials are tested with `php-amqplib` v1.0 you might want to checkout the `v1.0` tag as well:
+ pushd lib/php-amqplib/
+ git checkout v1.0
+ popd
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